A Japanese flamenco dancer in London!

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By Ayako Yuse


We interviewed with Nanako Aramaki, the Japanese Flamenco dancer in London!


Where are you from? When did you come to London?


I’m from Vancouver, Canada though I was born in Tokyo and lived there until I was 3 years old. I moved to London last Christmas but lived in Berlin for 4 years before that.


What is it about London that you like?


I love how cosmopolitan and international this city is. You can find almost any kind of cuisine here, which as a foodie is very important. The amount and quality of cultural events are unparalleled in Europe. The best part of London for me is the east! I love shopping at the countless charity shops, drinking good coffee, and eating at the food markets in East London.

nanako aramaki_BW


Which is your favourite food and do you have a favourite restaurant and bar in London?


You have to have a traditional English Sunday Roast at a local pub. A great pub I went to recently was The Culpeper. The  there was to die for! Something you can’t find in most cities is an authentic Vietnamese Pho restaurant. I go to Song Que on the ‘Pho Mile’ in Shoreditch for my rare steak, beef flank, and tendon pho at least once a month. The best (and cheapest) Korean restaurant is Po Cha near Waterloo station. As for alcoholic beverages, my favourite bar in the east is the Commercial Tavern as it reminds me of Berlin. The Looking Glass in Shoreditch and The Zetter Townhouse in Clerkenwell have the best cocktails. The best whisky bar in town, however, is in Angel and it’s called The Lexington. They have all sorts of Bourbon as well as live gigs just upstairs.



With which music do you like to dance flamenco?


My current favourite palo – which is a type of flamenco song/style – is the soleares. It’s deep, profound, and very emotional. Although I used to be intimidated by soleares, I feel I’m finally ready to perform it after having many life experiences living abroad. It’s VERY flamenco.


What is your dream to accomplish? What are your challenges now?


My dream has always been to tour the world with flamenco, and I’ve come very close to it in the last year having travelled to Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, England, Scotland, Denmark, Vancouver, and Austria. I would one day love to tour Japan, have my grandparents and my extended Japanese family see me dance, and eat everything along the way!


Nanako Flamenco

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