Sound Unbound festival at the Barbican brings classical music to new, young audiences


DJ Gabriel Prokofiev is one of more than 600 performers – including violinist Nicola Benedetti, Pulitzer-prize-winning John Luther Adams and electronic artist and pianist Megumi Masaki – bringing more than 60 short “taster” concerts to audiences at Sound Unbound festival at the Barbican.

The two-day event, parts of which will also be streamed across the world to millions by online broadcaster Boiler Room, will see music ranging from medieval to modern.

It aims to make classical music appeal to younger audiences by breaking with traditional etiquette by making it more like a music festival.

As well as cutting down the duration of concerts, audience members will be allowed to walk in and out of performances at their leisure as well as drink, take photos and tweet.

Electronic artist and pianist Masaki is putting on an experimental live performance of Nicole Lizée’s Hitchcock Études featuring clips from Psycho and The Birds.

Masaki, 52, who lives in Canada but used to be based in London, said the capital is the perfect venue for the festival because it is “where things are happening”.

She said: “London is the spot where without judgement artists can be free. Artists can moved forward, sideways, any direction…What the Sound Unbound festival embodies is that spirit, that energy, the facilities are also phenomenal. That atmosphere for us to connect with the audience.”

Sound Unbound
The Barbican Classical Weekender
31 October 2015 – 1 November 2015 / 11:00
Barbican Centre

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