Yamamoto returns to the world of fashion


“We’re painting our faces and dressing in thoughts from Kansai…”

WWD.com has posted a report about the return of Kansai Yamamoto to the world of fashion design. (http://smarturl.it/KansaiWWD)

He had this to say after a show in Tokyo on Friday: “The first 20 years of my career I spent as a fashion designer, then the next 20 years I focused on entertainment. Now, for the first time, I am combining those two things.”

Though it might not have had quite the same effect as Bowie did when he wore the outfit 40 years ago on the Aladdin Sane tour, Yamamoto appeared at the Tokyo show in a version of the same amazing creation that confronts visitors as they enter the David Bowie is Exhibition at the V&A. (http://smarturl.it/vamDBis)

Our accompanying image is of Yamamoto in that outfit, while Lady Stardust hovers in the background (courtesy of a hasty Photoshop job) looking remarkably familiar.

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